ADU in Vancouver WashingtonConsidering a ADU in the Clark County/Greater Portland area?

Your neighbors have been talking about ADU’s, possibly even getting ADU’s themselves.

What is an ADU?  What does an ADU look like?  Is it contagious? Who can tell me about ADU’s??

Welcome to the 21st century, filled with IOS’s, AED’s, PMS’s and ADU’s?   Well, you get the point, there are a lot of acronyms used today.  The one so many are talking about in the Portland / Vancouver area is the ADU , and with good reason.  ADU stands for “Accessory Dwelling Unit” or some say “Mother-in-Law” or just plain ol’ apartment in the back yard.  Whatever you want to call it they can be a great addition to your property.

The rental and home crisis in our area is still very real, families of multi generations living on the same property is very real, homes with more expendable / investable cash are very real.  Currently, a 5 year jumbo CD will give you a return of about 1.80%, your neighbors aren’t impressed.

Many of your neighbors and friends are turning their extra cash and extra “unused” yard space into an investment rather than an eyesore.  When you look out your back window into your yard, you know the one, it looks towards the alley way, the place you only go to take out the garbage or recycling, or that has an old outdated, maybe half broken down shed or garage.   What if we could help you take this space and put a really great looking building that has a garage on the first floor for you and an apartment / ADU with real ROI potential on the second floor.

“RG Construction Services meets demand for ADUs, while advocating for clients”  Check out article on the Vancouver Business Journal.

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